A Night with the Stars

The lights in the city make the stars seem dim. For no reason man, sometimes, brings light where it would be better if it was dark…Now, the lights on earth have blacked our vista of the heavens. Due to this reason the students who are now in class IX agreed to go to the edges of our city to look at the skies. After what seemed to be a long journey we reached DPS Tapi. The night was to be spent here. When a quick briefing was completed most of us did what we were supposed to. Then the young observers proceeded. What we had seen would take pages to describe. But how the night was isn’t hard to deliver.
In a choice of nights we probably chose the coldest one. Our minds went numb as did our feet. Some with despair in their hearts and hope of warmth returned to our allocated room. The strong ones, however stood against the wind. We couldn’t satisfy ourselves watching the celestial bodies. We formed watch list after watch list. At first it grew shorter. Then our mind soaked with caffeine begged us to start a new after it was the penultimate target. By now the cold was adapted to and sleepiness wasn’t an issue. The lack was turning a darker shade. This was a sight that we never wondered we would think of describing. Afterwards came the Koh-i-noor in the Peacock Throne, the rise of Saturn.
Slowly the dark shade was triumphed by a lighter violet. Then the violet was triumphed by a peach shade. The next thing we knew the sky was painted by an abstract painter. Soon the star nearest to us rose again. The world was awake and we were dizzy. We had made it through the night to see and observe and learn something new.

For centuries people had looked into the stars to see the reflection of their own souls, and we had followed tradition.

Aditya Chaudhary
Class IX-D
DPS Surat

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