Dear Fellow Dipsites

Many of us dream of becoming an astronaut and going to the moon or into space. Well, as soon we grow up this dream just obliterates out of the mind and after this we even forget what stars are. The astronomy club is a step taken by our principal so that this beautiful gift of astronomy started by early astronomers does not get wrecked in our mind and is prevailed not only in the 9th grade but in the whole school. In fact in every school this is possible so that students could enjoy this gift, this beauty and this pleasure….. and the Universe belongs to all of us.

We look at our Sun every day and create a picture of Sun as a small ball of light without knowing that our sun is a million times bigger and heavier than Earth. You can fit a million (1,000,000) Earths inside the Sun. It still is not the biggest star, not even near to the biggest star in our neighbourhood and in comparison to the whole universe it is nothing….our universe is soooooo… huge that we cannot even imagine. But where did it come from??? It came from a small point of energy  around 14 BILLION YEARS AGO… And from where did this point of energy came from??? It came from absolutely nothing. But this small dot made everything from nothing. Some people take this frivolously and some rake interests in it. This universe is soooo… amazing and fascinating with many secrets, dangers, wonders etc many flamboyant astronomers, astrophysicists, astronauts, mathematicians have made such beautiful discoveries and theories that literally change your thinking about the place you live and the things that happen around you…..

We feel one of our activity rather duty as members of the astronomy club will be to motivate people towards astronomy especially our Juniors in School and give them a chance to study and enjoy this mother of all  sciences. So we have planned to share our work at our club with our Juniors. So soon expect members of the club to visit your classes to speak to you.

Thank you

Sarvagya Kumar


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  1. Christopher Nolan

    Post something from which we can get information.

  2. The ‘nothing’ you are talking about is empty space which is not really empty. It is filled with dark energy. And according to Quantum Mechanics where there is energy, particles could spontaneously appear out of nothingness. If we wait for a long time many particles will start to appear. And eventually after a long time we can see an entire Big Bang, i.e., an entire Universe fluctuating into existence.

    I hope I answered your question? Now you should know from where that point of energy, called singularity, came from.

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