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The Globular Cluster-NGC 2808

NGC 2808 is a globular cluster in the constellation called Carina. A Globular cluster is a group of stars held very tightly by gravity, which gives them a spherical shape and high density at their centre. These are some of the oldest stars in our galaxy the Milky Way. Our galaxy has about 150 globular clusters.  Those of you who have attended the Astronomy camps last winter may have observed two of the globular  clusters: M-15 in the constellation Pegasus and M-63 in Hydra  from DPS Tapi through our 12″ Dobsonian Telescope.

NGC 2808 is a massive globular cluster containing more than a million stars and is estimated to be 12.5-billion years old. Generally Globular clusters are made of only one generation of stars, this cluster is composed of three generations of stars all born within 200 million years of the formation of the cluster. It is predicted that that globular clusters contain some of the first stars produced in our galaxy but their origins are unclear.

Globular cluster NGC 2808


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  1. This is an amazing picture. I love stars and anything related to it. I would like it if the next presentation in our class would be about clusters, nebulae, supernova, black holes, etc. (anything about stars.)

    Vidhi Khadaria
    DPS Surat VI-A

  2. Can you give me some more names of the biggest stars.Is sun also a biggest star?
    Ribhya Khullar

    • The Sun is small in comparison to the stars named below. This is the list of some of the prominent stars that you see in the night sky in the order of increasing size.

      pollux < Sirius < Pollux < Arcturus < Rigel < Aldebran < Betelgeuse < Antares < vy Canis Majoris

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