The Most Distant Galaxy Ever Measured

I know all of you are busy preparing for your terminal exams, so I am posting only videos of shorter duration. On Oct 19th 2010, astronomers announced the measurement of a redshift of 8.6 for one of the galaxies in the Ultra Deep Field. Here’s the news release from ESO’s website. This is old news but relevant to understanding the Cosmos.

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  1. Sir but the main question arises that, what actually caused the Big Bang. How actually they are able to say the origin of our universe

  2. How 13.7 billions years ago?

    • Aman, This has been calculated keeping the fact that the universe is expanding. (Edwin Hubble observed that the galaxies are moving away from each other at tremendous speeds). So as we go back in time the universe becomes smaller and smaller and the age of the universe has been calculated accordingly.

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