The best camp I have ever been to…

I attended the Astronomy camp held on 22nd December at our school.  It was the best camp I ever had been to. When we reached the school, first we kept our luggage in our room. Then we went for our snacks, it was tasty. Then we went up to the terrace. We were divided into groups. The names were given after the planets. I was in Saturn. Then we saw many stars and constellations. Our respected sir, Mr. G. R. Sivakumar explained to us about the Big Bang theory, about the Supernova, about the Nebula and Planets and Galaxies. We identified many stars and we also saw Andromeda galaxy through the telescope. Sir also explained us about the mythological stories behind the stars and the constellations. Then we used binoculars, telescope and I-Pad to see the stars and also the Orion Nebula. Then around 4’o clock in the morning we saw Mars and Jupiter. It was the best camp I had ever experienced in my life. I wish next year also I will get such a good chance to gaze at the stars.

Ansh Bargale 
Class VII A
Delhi Public School Tapi

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