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Alien Life: How Close Are We To Finding It? From the World Science Festival


Discussion from the World Science Festival moderated by John Hockenberry and the participants are Scientists Jack W. Szostak, Paul Davies, Sara Seager and  Dimitar Sasselov. This was held at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts  on Saturday May 31, 2014 as part of the Big Ideas series. 

If you have watched the last Video post you may have many questions and this discussion is an interesting one which adds on to the information you got there. Learn how scientists across disciplines—astronomers, chemists and microbiologists—are intensely studying the evolution of life on Earth to help identify life abroad, a research agenda with wide-reaching ramifications for science, philosophy, religion, and much more. Watch the video and we will discuss the issues when we meet next in our club meeting.

Multiverse-One Universe or Many-From the World Science Festival

From the World Science Festival:

One Universe or Many- Multiverse

Dear Friends

Please watch this very interesting and enlightening discussion on a very important topic. Watch till the end. We will discuss this in our next club meeting. (Or post a comment and we can discuss online).

From the World Science Festival

Dear Friends,
The World Science Festival took place between May 28-June 1 2014 in New York City. Current and exciting topics in Science were discussed, debated and shared there. One of the sessions was RIPPLES FROM THE BIG BANG: LISTENING TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME held at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts on Friday May 30, 2014. Here the top Scientists in the field of Cosmology Andrei Linde, Alan Guth, Amber Miller, John Kovac, Paul Steinhardt took part in this program which was Moderated by Dr. Brian Greene the popular Scientist and Science Communicator. Watch this video patiently till the end it is very enlightening.

About the discussion in the video…In March, a major breakthrough in understanding the origin of universe took the scientific community–and the general public–by storm. A team lead by astronomer John Kovac, using a powerful telescope at the South Pole, reported evidence of ripples in the fabric of space time produced by the big bang, a long-sought prediction of our most refined approach to cosmology, the inflationary theory. Amidst the worldwide celebration, though, some have been quietly suggesting that the champagne has been uncorked prematurely. Join a singular conversation, among the world’s most respected pioneers in cosmological theory and observation, that will explore the state of the art in the ongoing quest to understand the beginning of the universe. Watch on…