The Club conducts Astronomy Workshops and Camps during winters when the sky is clear at the Campus of Delhi Public School Tapi which is located far away from the pollution of Surat City.  Our workshops are fully booked and we try to accommodate as many students as possible. The students stay up all night long observe the night sky with lots of activities and also learn to use the binoculars, telescopes , Star charts and iPad apps . We start at around 6:00 pm the previous day and end when dawn breaks the next day. Young children are so enthusiastic they do not sleep at all during these camps and are fully immersed in the Sky. The speciality towards the end of the workshop is hunting for the Messier objects especially faint Galaxies, Globular Clusters and the Supernova remnant Crab Nebula with our 12 inch Dobsonian.

Astro Camps 2013-14

Astro Camps 2014-15