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Juno’s Status at Jupiter

On July 5, just hours after NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrived at the planet Jupiter, NASA held a press briefing at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California to provide a status update on the spacecraft. Juno’s arrival at our solar system’s most massive planet was the culmination of a nearly five-year journey through space. The spacecraft will be the first to orbit the poles of Jupiter –on a mission to provide new answers to ongoing mysteries about the planet’s core, composition and magnetic fields, as well as clues about the origins of our solar system.

NASA Documentary – Pioneer 10 Jupiter Odyssey

On this day (2nd March) in 1972 Pioneer 10 was launched towards Jupiter. Pioneer 10 is an American space probe, that completed the first mission to the planet Jupiter. Thereafter, Pioneer 10 became the first spacecraft to achieve escape velocity from the Solar System.

Documentary on Jupiter and NASA’s Juno probe

Mission Juno – A great documentary on Jupiter and NASA’s Juno probe arriving at the gas giant in 2016. Will answer many of your questions on Jupiter.