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What’s Up for December 2018

What’s Up for January 2018

What’s Up for December 2017

What’s Up for December?  The Night Sky from NASA JPL. The best meteor shower of the year and brightest stars! See where and when to look.

What’s Up for November 2017

Catch planet pairs and watch the moon pass stellar superstars! See Jupiter and Venus at dawn, the Moon shine near star clusters, and meteor activity all month long.

What’s Up for April 2017

What’s up in the night sky this April? Jupiter, king of the planets is visible all night long, and the Lyrids meteor shower peaks on April 22

What’s Up for December 2016

Join the Astronomy camps during December and January at our Astronomy Club at DPS Tapi. The first one for DPS Tapi Students of grades 4 & 5 was held last night. They saw the crescent Moon, Venus, Mars and the Andromeda Galaxy through the telescopes. They also identified many constellations and the Summer Triangle. Today we have the Grade 7 boys from DPS Surat who will spend the whole night at DPS Tapi with the stars and heavenly bodies.

See Mercury, Venus and Mars all month long and a New Year’s Eve comet. With some luck, you may catch some Geminid and Ursid meteors, too. This short clip is from NASA JPL.

What’s Up for September 2016

What’s up in the sky this month? An eclipse in Africa, two minor meteor showers, and planet and moon pair-ups. Plus: Get information now to help plan for the August 2017 total solar eclipse, which will span the United States from Oregon to South Carolina.

What’s Up for August 2016

What’s Up for July 2016

Use Saturn as your guide to a tour of the summer Milky Way. Spot planets, constellations, nebulae and galaxies.

What’s Up for June 2016

Find out where to look in the sky this month to find Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and a comet.

What’s Up for March 2016

What’s Up for February 2016

What’s Up for November 2015

See all the phases of the moon, by day and by night! Find out why the same side of the moon always faces the Earth, and look for the areas where Apollo missions landed.

What’s Up in the Night Sky for September 2015

What’s Up for July 2015 from JPL

What’s Up for October 2014 – from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab

Night Sky on 22nd September from Surat

The Sky tonight – 19th September 2014 by G.R.Sivakumar

Observing Planets: Optimising your View

Robert J Dalby FRAS of The Astronomy and Nature Centre explains how to observe planets.

Getting consistently good views of planets and other targets in the night sky can seem a bit hit and miss to the new telescope user. In this video look at a couple of the most basic variables that can affect the resolution and detail seen in planetary observation. Learn how and when to address the target to optimise image quality with any telescope.