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What’s Up for November 2016

This month, learn where and when to look for Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Plus, more meteor showers to enjoy!


What’s Up for October?

What’s Up for October? Moon phases- Observe the Moon night and three meteor showers. Watch this video to get sky maps showing where and when to look.

What’s Up For May 2016

What can you see in the sky this month? Mercury transits the sun and Mars is closer to Earth than it has been in 11 years. Watch to learn how and where to look for them.

What’s Up for April 2016

Where to look in the night sky this month for Jupiter, Mars, the Lyrid meteor shower and 2016’s best views of Mercury. Jane from NASA JPL explains.

What’s Up for January 2016

What’s Up for January? A meteor shower, a binocular comet, and the winter circle of stars!