DPS Tapi-Pole Star

This is a Time-Lapse Video of the  Pole-Star and the other Constellations moving around it as viewed from Delhi Public School Tapi. At 22 sec you can see a meteor across the sky. If you want to know how this time-lapse was made please go down the page.

This time-lapse video was made by G.R.Sivakumar by capturing images using a Canon 5D-Mark-II and processing it using Lightroom. The photos were taken in February 2013 at Delhi Public School Tapi. Around 750 photos were taken, which were captured in RAW format in around five hours (until the camera battery drained out and the 16 GB Compact Flash card was nearly full). These photos were processed in lightroom using a time-lapse template provided by Sean McCormack, an Irish photographer on his blog. If you are interested in making a time-lapse video and need this template to be used in Lightroom you can download it by clicking on this link-Timelapse Template . If you face any problem please let us know by commenting below we will help you.

  1. I am from class 6b and I wanted to ask that all the constellation move but does the pole star also moves.

    • Adhyan, The stars are actually not moving, it is the earth that is rotating West to East and the stars appear to be moving East to West. However Polaris is at the North pole of the celestial sphere so it does not appear to be moving. Take a ball and mark a point right on top of the ball. Now rotate the ball right to left or left to right, do you observe the point moving or is it appearing to be still??

  2. I’m from class 6d I wanted to ask that . How was water formed on earth??

    • Great question Mustafa! The ingredients of water were formed just after the beginning of our universe at the Big Bang. Hydrogen was formed first and after stars were formed around 1 billion years after the Big Bang, oxygen was also formed from these stars. Later when stars exploded as Supernovae at the end of their life the water molecules H2O were formed. Around nine billion years after the Big Bang when the Sun and the planets started forming from the dust and gases of a Supernova (probably) water molecules existed but because of their high temperature there still wasn’t water as we know it today. Even when our Solar system was formed some 4.5 billion years ago the Earth was too hot to have water on its surface. It is believed by most scientists that the water must have come onto earth from an Asteroid or Comet. These are icy bodies at the periphery of our Solar system. There is widespread agreement now that it was asteroids that brought in Oceans of water on to earth followed by life.

  3. I,am from class 6c. I wanted to ask that land is formed on Earth..

  4. Hello….I’m Diya Rajeev Pradhan…I’m from class 6-D. Is this beautiful video taken from dps?
    I’m very glad to see this video.. Sir this is the best video of pole star . Better than the fake net ones.. And I want to ask you that sky and all the clouds are form of Earth?
    Thank you….

  5. Why do only the pole star do not appears to move ? If the pole star also moves than why the star is known as pole star…

    By- Aditi Gandhi

  6. The most beautiful part of this time lapse is the meteor which is being seen at the 22 second. Actually this is beautiful

  7. my name is Muskan Arora i’m from class 7th B and my question is that, how can we identify the pole star?

  8. How is the pole star identified?????


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