DPS Tapi Under the Stars

This is a time-lapse video of the stars moving over DPS Tapi. You can see the constellations of  Canis Major (Big dog) , Orion and Gemini going down. It is strange to see clouds pass-by during winter. If you want to know how this video was made please go below and read further.

This time-lapse video was made by G.R.Sivakumar by taking photos using a Canon 5D-Mark-II and Lightroom.The photos were taken on the 25th of December 2012 between 3:49 am and 5:31 am at Delhi Public School Tapi. The clouds were not noticed at the time of capturing the images and only after the video was processed completely they were visible. The Photos- 259 of them were all captured in RAW format in intervals of 15 secs. These photos were processed in lightroom using a time-lapse template provided by Sean McCormack, an Irish photographer on his blog. If you are interested in making a time-lapse video and need this template to be used in Lightroom you can download it by clicking on this link-Timelapse Template . If you face any problem please let us know by commenting below we will help you.

  1. Wow!!!

  2. I want to ask why stars are moving

    • Ali, the stars are not moving, in reality we are moving. The earth is rotating on its axis from West to East and the Sun and the stars APPEAR to be moving from East to West. This is called the Apparent movement of stars.

  3. I want to ask that do the plants can grow on any other planet

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